Public Safety & Justice

Public Safety & Justice

Counties help keep Texans safe and secure. County government plays a significant role in both public safety efforts and the criminal justice system in Texas. They keep communities safe by providing law enforcement, the court system, jails, and emergency preparedness and response services in the event of natural and manmade disasters.

Services Include

  • Law Enforcement
  • Court System
  • Jails

Who’s Involved?

County sheriffs and constables are on the front lines of public safety and the criminal justice system every day in Texas. They patrol the streets, prevent crime, catch criminals, operate and maintain county jails and serve as an arm of the Texas court system.

County judges, justices of the peace, county and district attorneys, and county clerks all play big roles in the state court system, too, which is largely funded and administered by county government. Through the work of counties, criminals are prosecuted and justice is served, wills are probated, guardianships are handled and so much more.

By the Stats

  • 1,800 Courts In the State System
  • 13 of 14 Regional Courts of Appeal
  • 465 District Courts

Associated County Officials

Counties do the following and much more – 365 days a year, in all 254 counties.

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